Project Notes

Zamask used advanced integration to convert an eCommerce site to a bulk product inquiry site. Customers can select what quantity they require and then negotiate with the client on the price. Once the price is confirmed the system would use Zoho Invoice to generate Quote. Using this system the client was able to manage Quote, Purchase Orders and Invoice in one centralized location.

About Rococo Bags

With one Idea that started our journey. We wanted to conceptualize a platform that would be one stop shop for all corporate requirements. From Corporate gifts to Corporate events we will take care of them. Our teams have been providing excellent service to corporate and aim to only improve. Our aim is to transform the corporate gifting platform.

We produce, promote your corporate brand with customized branding on products like t-shirt, shirts, gift items, bags etc. Rococo pays extra attention to detail and design thus able to achieve the best quality products for you. Our creative team is able to create a custom product that is tailored as per your requirements. We have manufacturing units that meet international standards. Our team can have you corporate identity printed, engrave or embroidered.

We understand that the products you chose are a reflection of your company so we leave no stone unturned to get you the best quality

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